State visit by King and Queen

Posted on Feb 07 2018

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma wedding

Posted on Dec 14 2017
Watch Virat weds Anushka..

All The Title winners of Beauty Pageant 2017

Posted on Dec 11 2017
The Blessed women in the year 2017!..

Crowning Of Miss Universe 2017

Posted on Dec 11 2017
Enjoy watching The New Miss Universe 2017..

Father Daughter Dance

Posted on Dec 11 2017
Do not miss  this wonderful  Father Daughter Dance Video.Enjoy..

The Miss worlds in India

Posted on Dec 03 2017
Watch the new miss world  and last miss world facing the judges at the final round...

Manushi and Virat

Posted on Dec 03 2017
Please do watch The New Miss world home coming ..

Different shades of colour in Human Life

Posted on Nov 14 2017
Human life is the another name of  uncertainity. In the short span of seventy to eighty years, we happen to encounter the numerous roller and coasters. Still life is beautiful?..

Bill Gates Documentary

Posted on Nov 10 2017
Secrets Of Successful People - Bill Gates Documentary..

Lukla Nepal

Posted on Sep 26 2017
Lukla Nepal : Probably the The Most Dangerous Airport in the World !..

World's Highest Bungy Jump

Posted on Sep 26 2017
World's Highest Bungy Jump Macau - SCARY FUNNY JUMP , Indian Girl Says JAI HO Before she jumps...

Mustang - Nepal.

Posted on Sep 26 2017
This documentary shows unique lifestyle, culture and amazing natural beauty of Mustang - Nepal. It was a journey made in 2008 by famous Nepalese comedian Manoj Gajurel and journalist Prabesh..
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