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CPN Chair Dahal's greetings on Udhauli festival

Aaha News Thu, Dec 12, 2019

Kathmandu, Dec 12

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal has extended best wishes to all sisters and brothers belonging to Kirant community living in the country and abroad on the occasion of Udhauli festival today. 

In a message sent today, he said the cultural festivals of diverse communities have helped consolidate our national unity. 

The ruling party chair also expressed his confidence that such festivals would also contribute to protect and promote social and cultural integration as well as good will and tolerance. 

Noting that the incumbent government and the ruling party have clear strategy for preparing the base for socialism through economic prosperity with social justice, he said the cultural events and festivals being celebrated by different communities of Nepal are important to define our national unity and prosperity with identify.

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