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Ghorahi Sub-Metropolis to buy and sell plastic waste in bid to control pollution

Aaha News Wed, Dec 11, 2019

Ghorahi, Dec 11 

Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City in Dang district has decided to buy and sell all the plastic wastes to prevent environmental degradation caused by the plastic pollution. 

Since the plastic waste is non-biodegradable and the accumulation of such wastage would only fill the landfill site run by the Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City, the sub-metropolis has taken this creative approach towards this end. 

The Sub-Metropolitan City has allocated Rs 700,000 in this current fiscal year 2019/20 to purchase and sell various plastic wastes which could be recycled and reused. 

Sub-Metropolitan City's Sanitation Management Chief Prem KC shared that the Sub-Metropolis would initially purchase the plastic wastes produced from the ward no 14, 15, 10, 13, 16 and 17. 

The Sub-Metropolitan City has urged the locals in these areas not to dump the plastic wastes wantonly rather keep them separately so that the local town development organization, community forests, youth clubs among others would reach out to them to buy such wastes.

Such wastes would be procured by these organizations which would sell them to the Sub-Metropolis and the latter would sell them again to the industries that recycle them, according to KC. 


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