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Jungle safari open at Banke national park

Aaha News Thu, Dec 05, 2019

Ranjha, Dec 5

Jungle safari has been kept open at Banke National Park in view of Nepal Visit Year-2020. 

Pramod Shrestha, Chief Conservation Officer of Banke National Park, informed jungle riding has been kept open for domestic and foreign tourists targeting the Visit Nepal Year. 

Though jungle safari was permitted since two years back inflow of tourists failed to meet the expected target, he said. In keeping with the Visit Year, it has been put on priority, he noted. 

Around a decade following the establishment of national park, basic tourism infrastructure has been developed here. On the eve of the visit year, the national park has made publicity of jungle safari by arranging a visit of the local people-elected representatives to its site. 

Member of the House of Representatives Maheswor Gahatraj 'Athal', stete assembly members Krishna KC 'Namuna' and Usha Pun, former lawmaker Devraj Bhar and chairperson of Raptisonari rural municipality Lahuram Tharu, among others, made an on-site inspection of the safari area and collectively urged domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy jungle riding in the national park. 

The national park was established in 2010 so as to conserve the habitat and movement routes as per Nepal government commitment to international community. 

The households nearby the national park have started providing safari management services as well as lodging and food varieties, said Chair of Gavar Valley Community Home Stay Krishna Chaudhary. 

He shared that one can observe various wild species, including tiger and boar during jungle safari. 

Banke national park was established as the 10th national park of Nepal. It is stretched over 550 square kms covering the areas from Banke, Dang and Salyan districts. 


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