Minister Thapa pitches for setting up VAW Alleviation Fund

Aaha News Mon, Nov 04, 2019
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Biratnagar, Nov 4 

Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Thamamaya Thapa has stressed the need of setting up a Violence Against Women (VAW) Alleviation Fund in the local levels. 

Addressing a province-level interaction programme titled, 'Anti-VAW Year Campaign 2019/20: Role, Responsibility and Resolution of Bodies Concerned for an End to Gender-Based Violence', here today, she also spoke of the need of setting up Women and Children Section at the local level for hearing the concerns of the women, children and the disabled people.  

Minister Thapa stressed on forming a permanent mechanism for ending the violence against women and carrying out regular works to that end. She said the people's representatives have a big role to play in conducting the campaign against VAW at the local level on an immediate and long-term basis, and in building an equitable society.

State 1 government chief minister Sherdhan Rai said the state government was moving ahead the works directed towards ending all types of violence and building a happy, healthy and prosperous province. He added that gender-based violence could be put to an end if all sectors extended cooperation to the 'I will Move Forward' campaign brought by the state government. 

The Chief Minister underscored the need of reforming our culture, mindset and attitude for ending gender-based violence. 

State 1 Assembly speaker Pradip Kumar Bhandari also stressed on changing our attitude, thinking and culture for eliminating GBV.

State 1 government minister for social development, Jeevan Ghimire suggested decentralization of powers to the local settlements and making initiatives for ending the VAW.

Fourteen members of the State Assembly, coordinators of the District Coordination Committee, and Chiefs and Deputy Chielfs of the local levels participated in the interaction. 


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