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Compensation to those affected by Hetauda-Bharatpur-Bardghat project

Aaha News Sun, Jul 28, 2019
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Kawasoti, July 28 

Monetary compensation of some Rs 60 million is to be given to those households and landowners affected by the Hetauda-Bharatpur-Bardghat 220 KV transmission line project. 

The amount has been recommended for compensating the residents of Nawalpur area who lost land, houses, huts and trees on their possession during the project implementation. According to project chief Ishwari Prasad Jaiswal, people of five local levels--Gaidakot, Devachuli,Kawasoti, Madhyabindu and Binayi Tribeni-- of Nawalpur area were eligible for the compensation. 

Earlier, the compensation fixing committee was formed to this end. The amount will be distributed soon through the District Administration Office.


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