Telephone service disrupted in Jajarkot

Aaha News Fri, Jul 26, 2019

Jajarkot, July 26

The telephone service in Jajarkot district has been disrupted for the past four days. 

 District dwellers have been facing problems due to disruption of telecom services in negligence of Nepal Telecom. 

Chief District Officer, Lalit Kumar Basnet said that although they knocked the door of telecom office time and again to resume the service by carrying out repair and maintenance, but in vain. 

Weak tower coverage 

Although the tower coverage is visible on mobile sets, Nepal Telecom's tower at the district headquarters does not have coverage even up to around one kilometer radius in the 2G service. There is poor phone accessibility in Khalanga bazaar area and there is problem in communication as internet service is also found weak.

Not only the local people, even the government offices, financial institutions, local levels, schools and colleges and private firms are having problem rrgarding mobile phone, internet and network coverage services. 

Prakash Shahi, a local, said that phone and internet service was erratic and unreliable in the district headquarters as the Nepal Telecom has not carried out regular repair and maintenance of towers, has not constructed new towers or expanded the capacity, updated the power and improved the line. 

Towers in two places non-functional since one year 

Meanwhile, it has been more than a year since the Sky telephone service tower at Latachuli of Kushe rural municipality and at Majkot of Junichande rural municipality are out of function. But the authorities concerned are least concerned to repair or replace these dysfunctional towers. 

Similarly, the towers being constructed at seven places are also in limbo although agreement was reached with the construction company some two years back.Nepal Telecom said that the construction company has neglected in constructing the towers. 

Nepal Telecom had signed agreement with Indian company Ester Nepal Pvt Ltd, with the condition that the construction of towers would be completed within a year.


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