Remnants of feudalism being rooted out : Chief Minister Gurung

Aaha News Tue, Jul 23, 2019

Pokhara, July 23

Nepal Communist Party (NCP) standing committee member and Gandaki state government chief minister, Prithvi Subba Gurung has said the country has reached to the stage of ending the feudalism. 

He said so while addressing a programme organized after garlanding the statue of NCP's founding leader Pushpa Lal Shrestha at Maswar in Pokhara today. Today is the 41st Memorial Day of the NCP founding leader.

Chief Minister Gurung said the country has come to the present situation on the foundation of the ideology of one of the leading personalities of the Nepal's communist movement. Stating that the Nepali communist movement has been leading the nation after its success, leader Gurung said the time has now come for the Nepali communist movement to shoulder the responsibility of taking the country towards the path of development and prosperity. 

He added that true tributes to the late leader Pushpa Lal Shrestha would be to contribute to the uplift of the country and the people. 

Chief Minister Gurung, who is also the on-charge of the NCP Gandaki State Committee, directed the party leaders and cadres to work towards increasing production for achieving socialism.

NCP Kaski president and State Assembly member Krishna Thapa said the party cadres, people's representatives, social workers and the members of the general public have been providing important support in managing the Pushpa Lal Memorial Park.

NCP standing committee member Somnath Adhikari Pyasi, central member Tul Bahadur Gurung, central member and district in-charge  Rajkaji Gurung, among the district and central leaders garlanded the statue of the late Pushpa Lal Shrestha on the occasion.


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