NA sells books worth Rs 700 thousand during exhibition

Aaha News Mon, Jul 08, 2019

Kathmandu, July 8

A book exhibition organised by the Nepal Academy on the occasion of its 62nd anniversary concluded Sunday.  During the two-week long exhibition, the Academy sold books worth Rs 700 thousand ranging from Rs 3 to Rs 1,400. According to exhibition coordinator Sudhir Dhungel, a copy of the Mahendra Prakashan Mala was available at Rs 3 while the price of Pragya-English-Nepali Dictionary was sold for Rs 1,400. 

It displayed around 400 publications of different times including translated versions (in English and Hindi) of domestic literary works and vice-versa with a discount from 15-60 percent. It welcomed around 10,000 visitors of several age groups including teachers, book lovers, litterateurs and book entrepreneurs. For the festival, the Academy purchased books worth around Rs 400 thousand from the private sector.  

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