22 private schools in Jumla padlocked for indefinite period

Aaha News Mon, Jul 01, 2019

Sinja, July 1

Padlock has been put in 22 private schools in Sinja Rural Municipality of Jumla district for indefinite period by the teachers themselves since Sunday, protesting for not being paid for nearly a decade.

Altogether 63 teachers in those schools simultaneously padlocked the schools, demanding their salaries, shared Private Teachers Struggle Committee’s Treasurer Hari Bahadur Rokaya. 

Earlier on June 26, the irate teachers had given four days of ultimatum to school management to fulfill their demand but to no avail. Ghanasyam Buda of Shantijan Primary School at Kadaghari said that they were forced to resort to padlocking the schools since their demands were not addressed. 

The teaching-learning activities in those padlocked schools have been affected since the teachers have halted such activities.  

Sinja Rural Municipality Chairman Deval Singh Rawal said the protest of private teachers had nothing to do with the rural municipality. He urged the protesting teachers not to halt the educational activity considering the effects of it on the students.

Furthermore, he viewed that issue should be resolved in talks with their respective school management. Protesting teachers insist that they will not unlock the padlocks until their demands were fulfilled.


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