Road renovation on Koteswor-Kalanki section begins

Aaha News Wed, May 08, 2019 1.38K

Kathmandu, May 8

Road renovation has begun at Balkumari, Gwarko and Mahalaxmithan along the Koteswor-Kalanki road section. 

According to Kathmadu Ring Road Improvement Project, the maintenance has started here following the Chinese government handed over the Koteswor-Kalanki road section to Nepal government this year. 

Niranjan Sharma Aryal, engineer and information officer of the project, shared the maintenance period would span a year. Maintenance has been put in place in thee areas where the blacktopped portion is being removed, he added. 

"The task of removing upper layer of the road is on. It shall be the contractor's responsibility to do necessary maintenance within a year if any glitches occurred on the road and bridge. 

He informed that the Chinese construction group, Sanghai Construction Service Group ia also currently observing the road here. 

"The Chinese government is carrying out feasibility study of second section (Kalanki-Maharajgunj) with the completion of Koteswor-Kalanki in the first phase:, Sharma added.


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